The Victor

The Victor

Victor Tarfa is a UK based Nigerian born public speaker who has gained a considerable amount of traction in contributing to shared opinions on policy changes about the Nigerian social, economic and political climate, not overlooking Africa as a whole on international stages.

We were approached to reposition his brand to fit his international status and set him up for growth through a definite digital transformation structure.

We created a robust brand strategy including brand assets based on insights drawn from research and careful study. We also formulated a digital transformation system that aided the smooth transition of his predominantly offline career to a wholesome digital one.

He was among the first consultants concerned with Africa to adapt to the change that came with the impact of the pandemic on regular non-digital working systems, moving swiftly to utilizing the digital space through hosting webinars, catching the attention and gaining the trust of several African governments including Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria which he now consults for and plays the role of advisor.

Connect, Communicate, Convert.

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